Supervision of scientific work

Support, supervision and peer review of scientific work

As a (first) supervisor of scientific theses, I have so far supervised and examined more than 30 Bachelor theses. In addition, I have co-supervised numerous theses and about 200 term papers in the Public Health module. The main topics of my supervisory work are:

  • Public Health / Prevention / Epidemiology
  • Health geography / medical geography

Sample theses:

  • Julia Gaudlitz (2015): Schutzimpfung Masern – Prävention einer vermeintlich harmlosen Kinderkrankheiten (Leseprobe)
  • Kathrin Ott (2013): Geschlechtsspezifische Prävention kardiovaskulärer Erkrankungen (Leseprobe)

Meine Rolle / Verantwortlichkeit im Projekt: Scientific-methodical and professional supervision of the students and assessment.

Performance period: 

since 2011


APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft GmbH, Bremen

Web-Based-Training (WBT) / E-learning for teachers: Accompanying assignments and theses professionally

The target group of the learning unit are supervisors of scientific work who are to be prepared for their role(s) and tasks as supervisors. For this purpose, the WBT shows the supervision process with its individual phases and possible difficulties on the one hand, and on the other hand, tools that should support the student in finding and narrowing down the topic as well as in choosing the research method. In addition, suggestions are given as to which aspects supervisors should consider when giving feedback - both in the exposé process and in the final evaluation of the work.

Meine Rolle / Verantwortlichkeit im Projekt: Conception and creation of the digital teaching application.

Performance period: 

January to June 2020


Apollon Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft GmbH